Sophia's 12th Birthday

Sophie's Birthday was June 15th
and we had "breakfast" for dinner
that evening at her request.
We had eggs, vegetarian bacon and 
sausage; and homemade biscuits 
with butter and jelly. 

Then for dessert she got
waffles with strawberries and 
whipped cream instead of 
traditional birthday cake.

For her birthday present,
she wanted to make a shopping
trip to "Sur la Table".
She has become quite a baker lately
and needed her own caddie full
of bakeware to continue learning.

But our first stop - on Friday morning
was Starbuck's:

 Then to "Sur la Table" we went:

 We then made a trip to REI and
both the girls got free posters:

Next it was lunch at Panera Bread:


 We ended with a trip to World Market:
Where Sophie tried on several
looks ---

 This girl knows how to have fun!!!

Happy Birthday, Sophia


We Have a Seventh Grader - Congratulations Sophia!!

Sophie's Sixth Grade
Graduation Ceremony
was this morning.

In addition to receiving her certification
of completion, she also received
the school's May McCardle Award.
There were only two of these awards
given this year and her best friend,
Karen, got the other one.

We are so proud of you, Sophia.
And so happy we could be there to make
these pictures.


 Amy also received an award - 
she was one of the parents who 
accompanied the Sixth Grade on their
Camp Trip this past Spring.

Receiving Her Certificate of Graduation

 She is now a 7th Grader


 Family Pictures
(Anna was still in school today and 
Bella was in class).

 Best Friends Forever
Karen and Sophia

 Now a little food and celebrating!!

 Along with a little wise counsel:

 Signing out for the last time.

Sophie and her teacher

Sophia's and Bella's Award Ceremony at School

This afternoon we attended
the girls' Award Presentation
at their school.
Sophia is in the 6th grade
and Bella is in 
the 4th grade. 

This is Sophie's last year at this 
elementary school - she goes to 
Middle School
next year.

In addition to their class awards,
Sophie received an award
certificate for Music.
She plays the Cello.

We are so proud of both of you!
And we are glad that we were able to be there for your big day. 

Elijah's Graduation

Elijah's Graduation Ceremony
was tonight - June 6th.

Here are pictures from the 
evening's event.
We are so proud of him and 
what he has accomplished, but
more importantly - the man
he is becoming.

Save Mart Center, Fresno State Campus


And he walks across the stage to 
receive his diploma:


Family Pictures:


Proud Parents:


 And Grandparents:

And the guardian of the camera bag:


 Congratulations all around!!!

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