Two Days with Ava

Last month, following the 
"Created to Create"
in Williamsburg, VA,
Mary Beth and her 2 1/2 year old daughter,
Ava, came to Richmond to
visit with me before I returned to Fresno.

I got to spend two days with Ava and
we had so much fun.
She loved my camera -
having her picture made, and then 
seeing all of them on the camera 
screen while we drove back home
from our trips to the park.

Here are only a few of the many
pictures I took in those 2 short days.

We started out on Sunday afternoon
at the church park - Tim had a meeting
so we took Ava to play in the park.


 Afterwards, Karen's sisters came by the house
and we all played with Ava around the
living room table.

 Then on Monday morning,
we went to the shopping center 
and Ava made a bear!


 She was ready to take her home!

Then we went for a train ride, played at the 
small playground while we waited our turn,
and to lunch. 

 Later that afternoon, we went 
to another park.
Can you tell this girl loves the park?



And here is her response when she 
found out it was time to go home!!

What a wonderful spring day it was
and now we have all these pictures
to show her so she will remember
the crazy lady with the camera. Ha! 



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