Braselton Antique & Garden Festival

We had a great time today at the 
Braselton Festival.
Our house is very close to this "artsy" town so we decided to take the afternoon and do some fun shopping.

Here are few of the finds we came home with:

I think I may paint this suitcase red and line it with some pretty floral cloth.
 We think this was some kind of kerosene burner, but I will put a plant in the top of it.  I liked the colors!  
 Small black side table.  I think I will paint it to match my other
front porch furniture - maybe a duck-egg blue??

 An old pulley that I may use to raise and lower 
my front porch fern when I water it.??
I liked the color and will think of something 
to do with it if it doesn't work for the fern.


And the most expensive purchase of the day
is this beautiful garden angel. 
I have always wanted one and this one was 
pretty and the right price at $50.
She looks great in my rose garden.

Pictures of My Flower Garden

Here are recent pictures from planting the front 
flower beds at our house.

Now it is time to start the vegetable garden (pictures coming soon).

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