Christmas in Talmo 2013

Here are pictures of our house in Talmo -
taken before we leave for our Christmas Vacation
in California.

For the first time in 44 years of married life, 
I did not put up a full-size Christmas tree.
Instead we have a small one on the dining room
cabinet this year.

And, of course, the angels that Dot Laux made
for me and brought all the way to 
Gostivar, Macedonia. 

Even the screened porch got 
a touch of "red" for the holidays.


Merry Christmas and 
Happy New Year to
Your House from 

Arville and Shelia

Autumn at Our House

I thought that we would miss the 
beautiful colors of Fall 
at our house this year 
because we had had so much 
rain this summer, 
that is not true!

The colors have been brilliant.

Just take a look ---

New Fall Creation

Just in time for fall - maybe even Halloween 
treats - apples in their own cozies.

They actually keep your apple from getting
bruised in your lunch sack, but mainly
they are just cute. HA!

A Very Creative Gift

Look what a unique and creative gift that my niece,
Dina, made for me.
She brought them to me when she came to dinner on Saturday evening.
Thank you, Dina.

Our Screened Porch

Several months ago we had our side porch screened in.
The solar screen that was used has kept the rain out, but let
light in.  It has also kept the mosquitos off the porch so that
we are able to use it.

Here are a few pictures of the results.  Not everything is painted yet because we have had so much rain in Georgia that the wood has not had a chance to dry out.  The wood that you see will be painted white to match the railings and rest of the woodwork on the porch.

I also have some painting to do to some of the furniture, but again the weather will need to be better before I can finish all of it.






Happy Birthday, Sophie

Sophie is 8 years old today!!
She had a fantastic birthday weekend at the beach - complete with swimming, burying her big brother in the sand up to his neck, opening her presents so that she could use the book of California plants and animals to locate a specific type of jellyfish,
kite flying, a bonfire and roasting smores, and a "birthday buffet" with the staff singing,
"Happy Birthday" to her this morning.

We just finished talking to her on the phone
and wishing her a happy birthday.
It was a perfect birthday and we wish we could have been there with her to celebrate!

 Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Catherine's Senior Photo Shoot

Catherine is my nephew's daughter and she graduated from high school this month.  Here are some photos that I made of her with her boyfriend, Mauricio.  We had a great time - they just enjoy being together - even if it is to make pictures.


Ben's Boy Scout Troop and Memorial Day

Here is a sampling of the pictures that I took for Ben Earl (my nephew's son) at his Memorial Day celebration. 

Pictures from My Garden

These are just a few pictures from the garden.  Have a great day!




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