Some Very Special Gifts

In the past several days and months,
we have received some very special gifts
that are being carefully wrapped to place
in our crate that we will be shipping to the States
next month. 

This is a picture of the beautiful pottery bowl that
our team (Albanian-Ukrainian CBF team) gave
us in April at our last team meeting in
Meteore, Greece.

We will put this is a very prominent place in our home when we get to Atlanta.

Thank you for such a wonderful gift!

Just last week, Habibe and her mother brought
us some beautiful items from Bosnia when they
went to visit with family.

It had been many years since Habibe's mother
had seen her family and many of their loved ones
had died during the Bosnian War. In fact, while they were there, two other mass graves were discovered around the town that they called "home".

So even though this was a sad trip for them to make, it was also very good for them to see family for another time.

While they were there, they both bought us something very special - so that we would have souvenirs from their homeland of Bosnia.

This is the name of the village area where Habibe's mom lived before coming to Skopje when she married.


This bowl is over a hundred years old and comes from one of the homes in this same area of Bosnia.

We will remember Habibe, her mother and all of her family each time that we see these items (as if we wouldn't if we didn't have them to look at)??
But they will be a daily, visual reminder of how much they have meant to us over the past 15 years. 

These items will be placed in a special place.
Thank you ALL for such wonderful gifts -
and the loving thoughts that came along with them.
We are so fortunate to know and love each one of YOU.

Shelia and Arville


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