White On White Pictures

I am taking a course on Exposure Precision
this month at Better Photo.com
and thought I would share some of my
pictures from the week.

The assignment was to make pictures of white objects
on white backgrounds to see if we could get the
exposure correct.

For the one of the flowers, I went downtown to a little
flower shop to buy the flowers.  The man in the shop could not
understand why I wanted all white flowers and what I was going to do with them.

When I explained that it was for a photography course to see if we could get correct exposure of white on white and if we could then we would be able to expose all other pictures correctly in-camera,
 he just could not believe that it could be done.

 So he made me promise to bring him a copy of the picture so that he could see if for himself.  On Tuesday, I will be near the shop so I think I will take a print of the flower picture.

To be honest, I didn't think it could be done either. HA!  But Jim Zuckerman (the teacher of the course) has made a believer out of me.


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