I Heart Faces Contest- BEAUTIFUL EYES

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Beautiful Eyes

I love this picture of my grandson.

His eyes just sparkle all the time, but this one was taken
at our surprise vacation to Disney World.

We live overseas and kept the surprise secret that
we were going to be at Disney World when the 4 grandchildren
arrived with their parents.

It was the BEST surprise ever.

In Atlanta Before Saying Good-bye

It is always so hard to say "good-bye" but
being with family at Iris and Derrell's (Arville's brother)
made it a bit easier.

We had a wonderful time.
As usual - lots of great food, quality visiting time, and
the best "host and hostess" in the world.

Here are a few pictures of the last day together before
Amy and family returned to Indiana
and we left to come back to Macedonia the next day.

The flowers are from Iris's garden by the pool.

This is Katie's dog "Lady".  Katie is Derrell and Iris's granddaughter  (Dina's daughter).

Ben (their grandson) - Matt's son - is holding Lady.

 Pictures of Nathan playing with Sophie's game.
He is wearing Elijah's hat from Disney World.

Savannah, Georgia

Pictures of our overnight and next morning stay
in Savannah.
Amy got a great deal on a hotel for all of us and we were
right downtown on the river.

Had breakfast at Huey's the next morning and then
drove back to Atlanta.

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Our Last Day at Disney: Epcot Center

Here are the last of the Disney pictures.

I still have some pictures from Savannah
(where we stayed on the way back to Atlanta) and
some pictures taken at Arville's brother's house
in Lawrenceville, GA.

I will try to get those posted later on this week.


Day Three was spent in Hollywood.

I think the pictures explain themselves so

here they are:

Day Two at Disney: Animal Kingdom

On Day 2 we went to Animal Kingdom park.
Africa was our favorite part, of course - with the
Safari (even though it poured down rain!!). 
It did cool things off some SO it was a tradeoff.

Nathan really loved this park!! 
He visited with a man who guessed which country and city
that Nathan came from.
He played the drums - and did very well.

It was a very relaxing and fun day - even though it did
rain and we had to wait for it to stop several times.

Here are pictures from the day's highlights:

And the Lion King show was our favorite show by far. 
It was fantastic.

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