Disney: Magic Kingdom

I finally got the pictures of our Disney vacation
edited and put into blogboards
so that I can share them with you.

There were so many of them that I divided them up into days
when I edited them.

So here is the first day at Disney.
We went to the Magic Kingdom first.

Day One:  The Magic Kingdom

The Haunted House

Everybody had a try at pulling the sword out of the stone.
Nathan loved this because Elijah let him help.

 There was a lot of waiting in the Magic Kingdom
(not so bad in the other parks).
So the children made the most of entertaining themselves
in the long lines.

 While waiting, their Peepaw entertained them with stories.
The little ones got into this BIG time.

 Sophie and Arville played this game of trust.
Sophie said that she could fall back and let Peepaw catch her,
but she had a hard time with the last little bit. HA!
They had so much fun!!
At the same time, Nathan was very serious at finding
out where we were on the map.
The child loves to read maps and car books!!

 There was a big parade at the end of the day.
Christopher and Amy got a bit tired, but they didn't
want the children to miss a thing. 
It was amazing to watch them with the kids -
they are great parents.


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