Best Face Photo from May 2011 - I HEART FACES CONTEST

This week's contest at
"Best Face Photo from May 2011".

Here is my entry for the week:

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The Theme This Week at I Heart Faces

The theme for this week at 



Here is my picture for this week.

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I Heart Faces Challenge - FLOWERS

Occasionally I Heart Faces Challenge Contest
has something other than Faces as the subject.
This week the theme is:

I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges and Photo Tutorials
So here is my entry for the week.  This flower
was found at the small, private hotel we stayed
at in Corfu a few years ago.
I love geraniums and this one is

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entries for this week.

Pictures from Speedlight Course

Here are some recent pictures that I made during my
Speedlight (Nikon Flash) course

This was one of the best photography courses
that I have taken - so much fun!!

Thanks, Arville, Sara and Jehona for
helping me with this class.
I couldn't ask for better models.

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