Day 2 of 365: Pictures Downtown Skopje

These girls were in elementary school -
about 8 and 10 years old -
when we first came to Macedonia.

I met their mother the first week that we were here - January 1998.
She taught us (Martha Shaw, Ricki Buesing and me) how to make
We visited for hours and became friends that afternoon.

It has been a friendship that has turned into family -
we have shared so much over these past 13 years.

I have watched the girls grow into the most remarkable young women I know!

It is always a joy for me to take their pictures, and they are always so willing to let me!! HA!

Here are a few photos from one night recently when I needed to practice my off-camera flash for a class I am taking.

These photos won "Editor's Picks" on my Photography Course Website:

You can see them under the title "Editor's Picks" and can scroll through the pictures quickly and easily by clicking on the heading
and then view the slideshow listing by "Editor's Picks".

Thank you, girls, for always being so patient with my
picture-taking and for being the BEST subjects!!

Love you both, Aunt Shelia


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