Day 6: 365 Days of Photos

by Shelia Earl

It is both exhilarating and intimidating
to face the blankness of that
clean, white, porous
at the beginning of
what is to “be”.

I love watching the mix of
color and water
as it hits the surface
of the empty white sheet
and combines in perfect harmony ---
to express feeling, to portray an event,
to bring a face to life for the first time
in this exact way.

I am amazed at how the brush feels
in my hand as it pushes and pulls
the medium into shapes
that are recognizable.

Colors running together
with a mind of their own ---
dancing around each other
until imagination or
the movement of the brush
causes them to combine spontaneously
and at the same time.

Whether a landscape of a place visited in reality
or dreamed about,
a person encountered in the course of life-happenings,
or an emotion that flows
from an untapped source of inspiration –

This is my favorite part of the experience:
the story the colors tell..

The painting begins with that first brushstroke
and ends as the
“eye of the beholder”
claims the story it tells
as part of her own.


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