Day 4 of 365: Infrared Photography

On Day 4 of my "Photography Project"
I am posting some pictures from a class that
I complete tomorrow.
Infrared Photography

Alley in Struga, Macedonia (infrared photo with tint)

Skopje from the Vardar Bridge

This was a fun class and I learned so much more
than just how to take infrared photos.
It really is a different way of seeing things -
especially light.

Antique Car, Henderson, Texas

Green Plant in Infrared / Black and White Conversion

 European Balcony

Statue at Village of Hope, Kiev, Ukraine

These last 2 pictures were taken on Tybee Island (near Savannah, GA)


Double L said...

This is fun! Phill Martin

MiriamJW said...

I am thoroughly impressed and excited about seeing all that you're going to be posting this coming year! Blessings!

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