DAy 16: 365 Days of Photography --- Flowers

For the first time in over 2 weeks
the sun is shining today
 (not constantly, but from time to time).

In celebration, I am posting some
flower pictures this week.

Here is the first:

Agim and Habibe have several rosebushes
in their yard, and Agim knows how much I love roses.
He brings them to me at least once a week
during the time they are blooming.
These are some of the
last ones that he brought me before
winter set in.
They are sitting in a milk vase on
Brane's father's "very old"
cabinet - which I
refurbished into a buffet
that holds my dishes.

Brane was going to get rid of it, but instead
he gave it to me.  His father brought it
on a cart from Croatia - many years ago.
What a story it could tell, huh?


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