Day 31: My Photography Project

Okay, so I made it one month before
making a decision that
this project was going to be too demanding. Ha!

So beginning today, I am going to post
at least once a week, but more often
if I have some extra pictures that I want to share.

So this has turned into a 52-Week Photography Project.
It might be that I end up posting almost as often,
but it will not be an obligation.
This way, I think that it will be less constraining and
a lot more fun!

For the next few days I am going to post some
pictures that I took at Joan Earl's last year.
Some of you will recognize the old barn
on Grandad Earl's property which was
built around 1948.

Day 30: Flower Photos

Today will be the last of the flower
postings for a while -- until I get out and
make some new ones-- which could be a while.

I almost didn't make this posting
by Day 30 (my time)
because it is 5 minutes before midnight here.
Yes, I know - time to be in bed.

Day 29: My 365 Days of Photography

Today and tomorrow will be More Flowers
and then on to another subject.

We still have lots of snow in Skopje,
but the sun is peeking through and
it seems to be melting somewhat.

Have a great weekend.

Day 28: Friday Flowers

I have decided to finish up this week
with "Flower Theme" photos for
My 365 Days of Photography Project.

We have snow on the ground today and the
sun isn't shinig - so this is my way
of brightening the day a bit.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Day 27: My 365 Days of Photography

Flowers and More Flowers
I decided to post more than one photo of "flowers"
today and tomorrow so that
I can move on to another subject.


DAY 26: My 365 Days of Photography

"Vase of Flowers" is my photo for today
January 26, 2011.

I Heart Faces Entry: Innocent Wonder

This week's contest theme at

I Heart Faces is
"Innocent Wonder".
Here is my entry for the week:

Day 25

Wow, is January going by fast, or what?
I am posting another flower photo today.
I took this picture when the roses were blooming,
and then added texture to it with
Totally Rad Actions-
one of my very favorite actions sets.

Have a great day!

Day 24: 365 Photos

Another Flower Picture Today

Day 23 of 365 Days of Photos

Here are a few more of Sara's
photos for Day 23 of My Photography Project.

Day 22: 365 Days of Photos

Another Photo of Sara -
taken for my Studio Lighting course.

Day 21: 365 Days of Photos

As promised, I will be posting a few photos
that I took for my
Lighting Course.

Here is the first one:

Day 20: 365 Days of Photos -- Studio Lighting

Okay, so I will get back to the posting of
"flowers" in a day or two.
Here are more photos
that I took for my Studio Lighting course.
I also took one of Arville that turned out good, too.


And I just got notice that the photo (below) of Arville
is one of the Finalists for December
at Better Photo School of Photography.

It was my first assignment in doing any kind of
studio photography and I only had a
Nikon flashhead for the lighting.
I am not sure who was more surprised:
 Arville or I - because he didn't
like the photo much -
he said he needed a haircut and
it was my first attempt.

Day 19: 365 Days of Photos -More Kindergarten Pictures

Since I took a break from the "flower photos"
yesterday to write about Habibe,
I thought that I would go ahead and show you
a few more photos from our party
at the "Future of the Family"
Kindergarten recently.

Waiting for the cake!

Let the dancing begin -- This is traditional
Albanian dancing that the children learn when they
are young and it serves them for the rest of their lives.
This is the dancing they do at weddings, parties,
family affairs, etc.
They dance in a circle while holding hands &
it is the same steps that were learned when
they were young.

Saying "good-bye" for Winter Break

Time to Leave - New Mittens!!

Day 18 of "My 365 Days of Photography" : Habibe

As background to this story, there are a couple of things I need to explain.

Nevzat & Magbule have been our friends since a few months after we moved to Macedonia in January 1998.  My language tutor (Magbule's sister who now lives in New York) introduced us to them before we moved to Gostivar in February 1999 - just a few weeks before the
Kosovo War began. 

Nevzat was the public health minister at that time, and was instrumental in getting us access to work in the refugee camps in our area.
Magbule is an OB/GYN in Kamjan (a village outside Tetevo) where they live.

Habibe's mother has had numerous health issues, including heart surgery several years ago, since the time of the war in Bosnia (where she is from).

Two weeks ago, she was in the hospital for surgery to remove tumors from her throat/thyroid, and so Habibe was at the hospital everyday for the next ten days.
There were ten other women in the ward with her mother, and as usual,
Habibe made friends with all of them.

Some of them went home just a day or two after Habibe's mother went into the hospital, but 2 women remained in the ward the whole time her mother was there.

Since their families lived further away - and families are personally responsible for providing food for the patient - everyday Habibe brought these two women hot soup, caj (hot tea), and food that they could eat since they were both in the same situation as her mother.

She took care of them - sponge baths, bringing them bottled water and a glass to
drink from, and even taking their laundry home with her and washing and ironing it herself.

When her mother came home from the hospital, one of the women was still there and due
to be released the next morning.  She was going to her cousin's home in
Tetevo to recuperate - before returning to her own home.

Yesterday, Habibe got a phone call from Magbule.  She was surprised because she had not
talked to Magbule in quite some time - both of them had been so busy with their work.
Magbule called to say "thank you" to Habibe. 
It was Nevzat's family member that Habibe had so lovingly cared for those
ten days. 

Talking about "angels unaware" --
that is exactly what Nevzat's cousin
told him the woman who had cared for her in the
hospital was -- an angel.
I wholeheartedly agree!

Time and time again, I have seen Habibe do this kind of thing for people --
regardless of financial standing, ethnic group or politics --
giving that "cup of cold water"--
totally unaware that she was doing anything extraordinary.

Now you know why Habibe is my role model.

Habibe with her sister, Advije
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