Pictures from My Photography Class

I have been taking a new photography class
at Brooke Snow Photography Workshops and
thought that I would share some of the pictures from
Lesson Two - Creative Shutter Speeds.

Some are frozen action, others are use of implied motion,
and some use the technique of "panning".

This was a fun lesson.

Photography Sale of the Year

I have been waiting on this sale.  I love these products. 


Love My Nikkor 24-70

For those in Life As Art - here is the picture
taken with my Nikkor 24-70 zoom lens.

The Johnson Family 2011

Last week I made family pictures for this beautiful family.
David, Delynn, Kaylee, Lizzy, Zachary and Tyler.

David and Delynn have worked with us for several years -
providing for the needs of the kindergarten children and their families that attend the "Future of the Family" Kindergarten.

We wanted to thank them in a special way -
so I made their family pictures last week
that they could use them to make Christmas cards
for family and friends.

Thank you ALL for making this such a great day -
I will add it to my book of "memories" -
and thank you for all that you do for
the children and their families.


I Heart Faces in BLACK

This week's theme at I Heart Faces is;

I love this photo of Maria in her black outfit.

So this is my pick for this week's theme.

Go over to
to see the rest of the entries for this week.


Pursuit of Light

Just a few of the pictures that I have taken over the past few weeks
for my "Pursuit of Light" photography course.
These pictures were taken with only "finding the light" in mind
- not for the subject matter.

Enjoy!  And thanks for viewing.

These last two were taken at our front door and the hallway
leading to our apartment.  

Homemade Applesauce

I just finished making Homemade Applesauce.
I have tried several recipes over the years, but this
one that is baked in the oven is my favorite (Arville's too).

I thought I should get this done because this weekend
Habibe and I are making Ajvar.
For those of you who have not had it before - it is absolutely
delicious.  It is roasted peppers (outside over an open fire) and
then it is canned for use all winter. 
Well, that is if it lasts that long.

Here is my Applesauce recipe and maybe
I can share the recipe for Ajvar next week.

Homemade Applesauce

(I quadrupled this recipe)
It made enough for 6 medium jars of applesauce.

2 large apples, peeled and sliced
3 T brown sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

I placed the apples in a large baking dish and sprinkled the mixture of sugar, spices, and vanilla over the top. 
I then stirred the mixture into the apples and covered the baking dish.
Baked at 350 F.  for about 45 minutes.

I uncovered and mashed the apple mixture with a fork - if you have a food processer then that would be a quick way to do this part.

I didn't get it all canned before Arville was in the kitchen for a bowl of it.
He added just a little butter on top and ate it standing in the kitchen!!


Raise Your Hands @ I Heart Faces

The theme for this week's contest at
"Raise Your Hands"

Here is my entry for this week:

Now go to to see the other entries.
Have a great week!

White On White Pictures

I am taking a course on Exposure Precision
this month at Better
and thought I would share some of my
pictures from the week.

The assignment was to make pictures of white objects
on white backgrounds to see if we could get the
exposure correct.

For the one of the flowers, I went downtown to a little
flower shop to buy the flowers.  The man in the shop could not
understand why I wanted all white flowers and what I was going to do with them.

When I explained that it was for a photography course to see if we could get correct exposure of white on white and if we could then we would be able to expose all other pictures correctly in-camera,
 he just could not believe that it could be done.

 So he made me promise to bring him a copy of the picture so that he could see if for himself.  On Tuesday, I will be near the shop so I think I will take a print of the flower picture.

To be honest, I didn't think it could be done either. HA!  But Jim Zuckerman (the teacher of the course) has made a believer out of me.

BACK to SCHOOL at I Heart Faces

This week's theme at is

Here is my entry.  It was taken at the
"Future of the Family" kindergarten
in Skopje, Macedonia.

This kindergarten supplies a free education to 40 children
a year who would not get to attend school otherwise.

Go on over to and see the other entries.

I Heart Faces Contest- BEAUTIFUL EYES

This week's contest at is:
Beautiful Eyes

I love this picture of my grandson.

His eyes just sparkle all the time, but this one was taken
at our surprise vacation to Disney World.

We live overseas and kept the surprise secret that
we were going to be at Disney World when the 4 grandchildren
arrived with their parents.

It was the BEST surprise ever.

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