Week 24 Photo Challenge

This week’s theme at I Heart Faces is:
"Let's Hear It For The Boys!"

The rules for this week's contest are that the entries must be a photo of a boy or boys in the Kid's Category and a photo of a man/men in the Adult's Category. No ladies allowed this week!

So here are my entries for the week in the

Children's Category:

"Best Friends"

Adult's Category:

My Husband on Father's Day 2009

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I Heart Faces - Sepia Entries

This is one of the BEST sites for photographers to improve their skills and get creative ideas. You need to check out I Heart Faces.

This week's theme at is:


So here are my entries:

Kids Entry :

This little boy is waiting patiently for the annual trip to the zoo in Skopje, Macedonia to begin. The children love this "first-time ever" field trip which happens the first week of June each year.

Adult Entry

Maria graduated from high school this year and this photo was taken of her during her Senior Photo Shoot in May.

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Week 21: Birthday at I Heart Faces

This week's contest category is: Birthday

Elmira enjoys birthday cake with her friends ! And it is her favorite:

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to see more entries for this week.

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