This Week's Lensbaby Photos

I have had so much fun - learning all that I can about photography and how to make better pictures. With every class that I take, my photographs for CBF publicity and publications get better. What I can't believe is that THIS is so much fun -- and I am a bit sad that all the photos that I have taken over the years (especially in Africa) were missed opportunities.

Oh well, at least I am living proof that the saying is not true: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", because you certainly can!!

Just look at all I have learned. Here are photos from this week's lesson. These photos were to look like impressionistic paintings and what better subject for this assignment than "flowers".



Amy B. said...

Well, you may have been taking classes and all. But, you are a talented photographer regardless! The classes have only made you better :)


samuel said...

Beautiful Lensbaby photos!

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