In Her Easter Bonnet

This week's Amateur category at "I Heart Faces" is Easter/Spring. Here is my entry -- "In Her Easter Bonnet".

Even though I have been taking pictures for almost 30 years, I have only been serious about it the last year or so. I have taken some on-line photography courses and read everything I can get my hands on - concerning "photography". So yes, I am still an AMATEUR & have never made any money for it --- YET!

I am playing around with a name for a "future" children's photography business (after we retire and move back to the States) in a couple of years. I just learned how to add a name plate to my photos - every new thing I learn is SO exciting.

I took this photo of Gracie a few days before Easter so that her parents could have pictures of her to take home for family and friends. They will be gone from Macedonia for several months. Her mother dressed her in this new Easter outfit - complete with a bonnet. She was born in January - here in Macedonia - so this is her first and only set of what her mother calls "real pictures". I was happy to be asked to take them for the family.

If you like taking pictures and want to learn more about photography & be inspired -- you need to look at this terrific site at I ♥ Faces.

The contest can be found at


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