Halloween in Talmo 2014

I just finished my Halloween decorations
and thought I would share some of the 



Mary Beth's Shower Weekend


This past weekend we went to Richmond to visit
with Karen and Tim Gilbert and 
to be at 2 baby showers for
Mary Beth Gilbert Foust & Ava Karen.

Here are some pictures of both showers.
The one on Saturday was the Family Shower
at Jocelyn Cocchiola's (Karen's sister) home.




 And now the gifts (I posted just a FEW!)

 Katie got to watch (via computer) Mary Beth open her gift. 


Here is my gift to Ava Karen:

Family Pictures

Jocelyn's Girls

Karen's sisters are in the front - left to right -
Jocelyn and Beverly.

Mary Beth with 
her mom (Karen) and Caleb's mom (Paula).


Then on Sunday, women from 
Caleb and Mary Beth's church
gave her a shower.  

Here are pictures from Sunday. 

 Such a unique way to display gifts!

Mary Beth with the hostesses of the shower:

Mary Beth with girls from her small group at church.

Loved being with you, Mary Beth.

Lauren's 7th Birthday Party

Here are pictures of Lauren's 7th Birthday Party.

We had so much fun meeting all of her friends
and celebrating with her last month.

Hope you like the pictures, Lauren!!

Aunt Shelia and Uncle Arville


Arville's Fence Project

Here are pictures of the new 
rail fence that Arville built
and will install at the driveway
entrance tomorrow afternoon.

He did SUCH a good job!!!

My roses are still blooming and
my herb garden is still producing.
We are enjoying the cooler
weather of autumn in 


Margarita's Birthday

Margo's Birthday

Today (September 14) is Margarita Gavrilovski's birthday.
I have known Margo since 1999 during the time of
the Kosovo War.
We met on Easter Sunday that year - in a snowstorm - 
and began a friendship immediately.

I made this picture of Margo the month that
we left Macedonia (September 2012).
I miss her tremendously!

When Amy and her family (then consisting of Christopher and Elijah) came for their first visit to 
Gostivar, Macedonia,
they met Brane & Margo and their family.

After hearing about Margo's stories of being 
a doctor (especially during the days of the war) 
Christopher returned home to write this poem about

a safe space
On a perilous and arduous path,
          Early in the morning.
She’ll arise and awake,
          And journey long to mend and heal.

Mend and make whole your brother’s enemy,
          Let your love labor for all.
She’ll create a safe space,
          In the midst of war and hate.

Between the fierce fire of war and the lingering smolder of hate,
          She’ll create a safe space.
A safe space to mend and heal,
          To water love and plant peace and reconcile enemies,

And the hurt man asked,
          Why are you here and why heal your brother’s enemy?
And she’ll answer,
          Because my brother and his enemy are one.

When we love and pray and hope for our brother’s enemy,
          And when we reisk and care for and mend our brother’s enemy,
Then we are joining the work of angels,
          Then we are healing God’s own fractured heart.

She’ll arise and early awake,
          To nurture a safe and holy space,
Where your brother and his enemy
          May join together in the song and laughter of peace. 

It says it all:  Margo cares for people.
She has provided healthcare for Macedonian,
Albanian, and  Turkish families for 
many years.
Her patients from multiple ethnic groups love her.

So Margo, I wanted to share this poem with you
today - in honor of your birthday.
I love you and miss you,


Kay and Roy Buice 50th Wedding Anniversary

Here are other pictures from 
Kay and Roy Buice's 50th Anniversary.

Pictures of the Bride and Groom at
the Reception

 Pictures of the grandchildren (all girls)
and what a fun group!!

Fun pictures of Kay and Roy:


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