Lauren and James
Maternity Session

Here are a few of the pictures 
from this past weekend.  

We had so much fun together, and
I am looking forward to making the baby's 
pictures next month.

Pictures of Bella
April 2016
Fresno, California
In our Backyard


Dogs I Have Known


Here are just a few pictures of the
dogs I have photographed.
Animals are so much fun - and dogs - 
in particular are some of
my favorites.



Art from the Garden

Here are a few more pictures of 
my garden.

Spring is Here!!



Photography Art from Latest Course


Here are three new photography edits - 
turning photos into artwork.  
These are from a new course that 
I just completed.



Here are the "before" and "after" 
pictures of our new guest bathroom.

We took out the door that led outside 
because we enclosed
  the patio to make a screen porch 
and sectioned off some of the
patio to make a closet off our bedroom.

Then we built "batten board" paneling, 
wallpapered,put in new sink, 
painted the cabinet, 
put in new lighting,
and added some extra touches
 to complete the whole picture.

It is now ready for guests.
Rob and Janie Sellers will be the first to use it 
during their visit March 11-18.  
We are so excited for them to get here.

Over the next few weeks,
 I will post more of our renovations.  


Wonderful Fresno Family Photo Session

 We spent New Year's Day making pictures
for Nancy Taggitt's Family.
Her father (Bob) shares birthdays 
 (New Year's Eve) 
 with our daughter, Amy.
He turned 98 as Amy turned 40.

Nancy's brother wasn't able to be with
us but her sister (Sue) was.
Mavis and Bob met in exercise class
at San Joaquin Gardens in Fresno -
where we made the pictures.
I love all the laughter this family
shares together.
We were privileged to hear their
stories and to get to know them better.

Here are some pictures I made:


Mavis and Bob

 After the photo session there was a lot of visiting
to do.  
These are some of the candid shots.


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