Our 48th Wedding Anniversary

August 16, 1969
Northside Baptist Church, Longview, Texas

This morning we were talking about all the places we have celebrated our anniversaries over these 48 years together.
Moving has been a normal occurrence for us.


We moved twice during the first 3 months we were married.  We lived in Longview until
we went to FBC, Jefferson, Texas.
This was only the beginning.

In 1971 we moved to Dallas-Ft. Worth -
  so that Arville could attend seminary.
During these years we moved
about 6 times.  

 Then in 1975 when Arville graduated,
 we moved to Columbia, Missouri, 
where we lived until 1980 
(we moved 4 times in Columbia).

We then moved in with parents while we waited to go to Pine Mountain, GA, for orientation before going to France for language study. 

When we got to Tours, France, the apartment we were supposed to live in was taken and we had to move again in the first couple of weeks we were there.

Street to our Apartment in Tours



 Our favorite chateau near Tours:



After language study, we moved to Upper Volta (Burkina Faso).

We lived in Ouagadougou the first year and then moved to Koudougou 
(living in 2 different places in that village).

Our 22nd Anniversary.


We left Burkina in 1992 and I started 
my seminary work.

We lived in 3 different locations from 1992 to 1994 while we were in the Kansas City area. 

  Our 25th Anniversary
Arville's dad took this picture of us
 (we were in their front yard in Greenwood, LA) 


In 1994,  we went to Albania with
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

In Albania, we lived in 2 different houses in Tirana, and then moved to Kruja where we were living when the evacuation from Albania happened in 1997. 

Our 27th Anniversary

 This picture was taken by Arville's cousin,
 Karen Cline - after Amy and Christopher's wedding 
(they were married on August 17, 1996.)


We moved to Macedonia in January 1998, and then to Gostivar in 1999 (one month before the Kosovo War began).


Our 33 Anniversary
Mavrovo, Macedonia

We lived in Abilene. Texas while I completed my Master of Divinity in 2005.

We lived in 2 apartments in Gostivar before
moving back to Skopje to work with the Future of the Family Kindergarten and expand our reconciliation ministry in 2006.

We lived in this same apartment until we left Macedonia in 2012.

Our 37th Wedding Anniversary


Our 43rd Anniversary was spent building a crate, dealing with shipping companies, trying to contact the fumigator who was on vacation (the only one in all of Skopje it seems) and wouldn't be back until September, moving our belongings to a warehouse, and sorting through things that we would sell or give away.

We left Skopje in September 2012.

And moved to Talmo, Georgia (north of Atlanta) for our last off-field assignment.
Then we retired at the end of 2013. 

We sold our house in Georgia 
and moved to Fresno 
in December 2014
 - celebrating our 46th anniversary 
in our new home in Fresno. 

Our 46th Wedding Anniversary
Fresno, California

Anna Grace took this picture of us

So, through all the years and all the moves, we have learned to celebrate life and 
to love where we are living.
We have family and 
friends "that have become family" 
all over the world.

These last several years we have been so privileged to be near our grandchildren. 

Elijah, Anna, Sophia, and Bella



Elijah's High School Graduation

Happy Anniversary, Arville!!

Few Days of Vacation with Ruben and Lynn - Huntington Lake, California

Here are the pictures from Huntington Lake:

For Lynn and Ruben

 These are pictures of the dock and 
going from the cabin to the lake:

Climbing Back Up to the Cabin

 The Cabin

 The Meadow



Hiked the Indian Pools Trail


With the only picture of me ---
My Feet anyway -- the water was 


Headed back to the Cabin

A Stop at the Country Store -
this is the post office -
and then the marina.


A Favorite Pastime at the Cabin
was feeding the birds and the


 And watching the sailboats pass by:

Thank you Lynn and Ruben for a wonderful

Arville and Shelia

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